Fredericksburg Coffee

Seeing that she goes to school in the area, A and I spend a considerable amount of time in Fredericksburg. There’s not a time we go downtown we don’t stop at one of two cafes.


Hyperion Espresso

Scan 95 Top

Sunday through Saturday, there’s not a time of day (during operating hours–I’ve never been before or after, but I like to imagine there’s a line of people waiting for the doors to open) when you’ll walk into Hyperion to find no line. They have a friendly staff, are extremely efficient, roast their beans in-house, and their coffee is to die for. Hands down, Hyperion has the best coffee Fredericksburg has to offer. Try their sandwhiches and baked goods too–they’re delivered daily from one of our favorite restaurants in the Burg.



Agora Coffee



Agora is the newest edition to the Fredericksburg coffee scene. While their coffee isn’t as good as Hyperion’s (which isn’t to say that it isn’t great–Hyperion just has the best coffee we’ve ever had), they get all the points for atmosphere. We’re always finding new things to toy around with every time we go. From fully stocked bookshelves, an in-house bakery (yes, you read that right), chess board, lounge chairs, board games, you’ll be hard pressed not to find a way to spend an entire day here. Arrive early–it gets busy.


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